Driving the Nation’s Leading Youth Football Standards into Law

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California Youth Football Alliance Drives the Nation’s Leading Youth Football Standards into Law

Larkspur, CA – August 2, 2019 - The California Youth Football Alliance (CAYFA) today announced the signing of AB 1, the California Youth Football Act, by Governor Gavin Newsom. AB 1 provides the most comprehensive and details set of safety standards in the United States. Further, AB 1 serves as the first state legislation in the United States to specify youth tackle football safety standards, pioneering a new way forward for all youth tackle football in America.

“I am thrilled to memorialize our unique voice as informed parents, veteran football coaches & administrators, volunteers, and medical experts in AB 1” said Joe Rafter, Co-Founder and President of the CAYFA. “We are deeply honored to sponsor AB 1 with Asm. Cooper, and thank Governor Newsom for his endorsement. As we know social change in our country moves from the West Coast to the East Coast. We are proud to continue the legacy of the state of California as a social change leader for football and our country.”

The CAYFA was founded in September 2018 with a mission to honor, improve, and advance youth tackle football. Since launch, the CAYFA has sponsored AB 1, established partnerships to enable more affordable compliance with AB 1, and established a Medical Advisory Committee with world class physicians and medical personnel from across the country to provide expertise and insight. The CAYFA is now focused on helping all youth tackle football organizations in California to enthusiastically adopt AB 1.

"No matter which organization you choose to play for in California, you'll know that the standards for player safety are uniform and the play environment will be a safer place for all players. This is a win for all California youth football families and players", said Steve Famiano, Co-Founder and EVP of Community Development for the CAYFA.

Ron White, EVP of Standards and Practices for the CAYFA added “California has just taken a huge step forward by raising safety standards for its youth tackle football participants via AB 1, the California Youth Football Act. The positive impact this bill will have on current and future generations both inside and outside the state is a true game changer.”

AB1 goes into effect in January of 2021 to enable programs two seasons of transition.

About California Youth Football Alliance: The CAYFA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to transforming youth tackle football by honoring our past, improving our present, and advancing our future so that more generations of student-athletes, coaches, and communities can experience the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical developmental benefits of the sport. Visit www.cayfa.org to learn more.