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LIGHT Helmets

  • Composite shell that is light and ultra-strong.

  • Armor Foam (initially invented by NASA) that absorbs impact instead of redirecting it.

  • Light chrome-moly facemasks that balances the helmet and makes movements easy.

  • Weight of approximately 2.5 pounds, improving both athletic performance and protection.

  • Multiple sizing options, fitment kit and customized helmets.

  • Technology only seen in auto racing, advanced fighter jets and other military applications.

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Are you looking for a football helmet that will provide you with superior protection? LIGHT football helmets absorb impact instead of simply redirecting it, as other football helmets do. It’s time to change the game with a helmet that will provide the best protection available today.

Latest Technology

The LIGHT helmet is made from high-tech materials used by the military. Composite is used in many high-end cars and bulletproof vests because they are light and strong. The Armor Foam lining on the inside of our helmet is licensed by NASA and is used in space travel.

Helmet & Shell.jpeg



LIGHT football helmets are made from the lightest, strongest materials available. That means you can improve your speed and dexterity with a helmet that is half the weight and designed to help you move more easily. It’s time to improve your game with a LIGHT football helmet.  Play light… Play fast… Play safe…