The California Youth Football Alliance Elevates the Safety Standards for Youth Tackle Football to a New High

SAN FRANCISCO / April 16, 2019  - Following up on their commitment to continually advance the great sport of youth tackle football, the California Youth Football Alliance (CAYFA) is pleased to announce an amendment to AB 1, the California Youth Football Act to accelerate the advancement of football by offering a higher safety standard for the youth tackle football community of California.

“This amendment represents the most comprehensive and stringent set of safety standards for youth tackle football in the country.” said Joe Rafter, President of the California Youth Football Alliance. “We are proud to sponsor AB-1 with Assemblymember Cooper (D-Elk Grove), and we do so with great care having placed a significant amount of research, analysis, and consideration into the requirements to create a safer environment for our children who play youth tackle football.”

AB 1, as amended, requires new health and safety education for parents, coaches, administrators, and referees, mandates football training that minimizes the head in play, and implements injury tracking to name a few of the requirements. These requirements have been tailored for the youth tackle football environment in California. The CAYFA will continue to work with the California football community, the medical community, legislators, and supporting stakeholders like industry experts to solicit feedback and insight on the bill. When AB 1 was originally published, the CAYFA committed to support compliance with existing safety standards as well as create new standards and practices that will honor, improve, and advance the sport of youth tackle football, and this bill demonstrates clear action to this end.

“We are now asking the California youth football community to show their love of their children and the great sport of football, by contacting their local assembly member to express enthusiastic support for AB 1. Our community is full of passion and determination, and we have work ahead of us still. We must aim all of our energy towards the passing of this bill for the best interests of our current and future generations of Californian youth football players. Everyone who supports AB 1, demonstrates an impeccable commitment towards raising safety standards and creating the best possible environment for our youth tackle football players.” said Rafter.

“Americans love football and kids love playing football. However, we must ensure our children are safe while playing contact sports. I am proud to author AB 1 the California Youth Football Act to ensure kids will be able to play football as well as creating a safer environment for them when they partake in contact sports,” said Assemblymember Jim Cooper (D-Elk Grove).

The CAYFA has posted AB 1, as amended, to their website where you can also download their 25+ page support letter describing why this bill is in the best interest of California youth tackle football with over 30 reference articles used to help shape the amendment.


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