Become a CAYFA Partner

To help implement our purpose and mission, we partner with leading edge organizations who share our passion and commitment towards honoring, improving, and advancing youth football. We have multiple partnership candidates in our pipeline and are always interested in more. To start a discussion, please click one of the buttons below and we will be in touch to explore how our organizations can craft a relationship that creates mutual value for our community.


Are you an Innovator on the Field?

Have you created a new product, service, or technology that will help advance the great sport of youth tackle football? Are you prepared to share your solution with youth tackle football experts to see if it hunts? We are not the Shark Tank, but we are committed to accelerating the evolution of our sport in a medically informed manner and we want to hear from you. We are constantly looking for the newest solutions for football that have some degree of demonstrated impacts. Click the button below to start a discussion with us!


Do you want to become a part of the Alliance Community, off the field?

Perhaps you are someone who wants to create unique value for the youth tackle football community with a solution that improves the administration of leagues, teams, and players, or their relationship with their surrounding community. Maybe your focus is more on supporting this great community of passionate volunteers get more done with less effort. If our mission speaks to you and you want to relentlessly make a difference in and around the world of football, let’s talk!